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What is The Feel Your Boobies Foundation?
The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) breast cancer organization, started in 2004. Our mission is to use media and other unconventional methods to remind young women to “feel their boobies”.

Why are you doing this?

Our Founder, Leigh Hurst, was diagnosed in 2004 at the age of 33 with breast cancer. She felt a lump that the doctors didn’t simply by “feeling her boobies” (not through a traditional self-breast exam). The Foundation is Leigh’s personal mission to share her story and “feel your boobies” message with other young women to encourage proactive breast health.

Where does the money come from to support your campaign?
The Foundation and Reminder Campaign is funded by donations and merchandise sales.

Are you affiliated with any other breast cancer organization?
The Feel Your Boobies Foundation is not affiliated with any other breast cancer organization. We are a grassroots organization run by Leigh Hurst and hourly workers as funding allows.



Can I donate to The Feel Your Boobies Foundation?
Yes, we would not be in existence without any and all donations. Donations can be made through our website or by mail: Feel Your Boobies Foundation, PO Box 41, Middletown, PA 17057

Can my organization/company partner with The Feel Your Boobies Foundation?
We are always open to corporate partners/sponsors looking to fund our campaign. Ideal partners are those organizations/companies whose goal is to 1) help us by providing additional financial support for our campaign and 2) spread our message to their existing customers/followers. We cannot commit to marketing all partnerships to our followers and if this is a primary goal of the partnership then it likely isn’t a good match for us.

I have a product I’d like to sell and donate a portion to the Feel Your Boobies Foundation. Can I market my item to your followers?
We welcome all support and appreciate those business owners who would like to donate a portion of a product to service to the Foundation. Unfortunately due to the amount of requests we get to do this, we are not able to market these promotions to our followers. Success of the product-based fundraisers should not depend on whether or not we market the promotion to our followers.

I’m planning a fundraiser to support the Feel Your Boobies Foundation, can you send me free materials?
We love it when community based groups and individuals want to support our campaign and we do our best to be supportive in their efforts. For community events supporting our Foundation, please email us at info@feelyourboobies.com.
Can The Feel Your Boobies Foundation sponsor my event?
The Foundation does not sponsor or provide money to any outside organizations or events. All funds we receive are used to create our Reminder Campaign and related programs.

Can The Feel Your Boobies Foundation attend my upcoming event?
The Foundation focuses solely on the creation of our online campaign because we can reach the most people with our message this way. Due to this, our budget does not allow for us to devote resources to time and travel to attend community events. We do however, appreciate your desire to support us and hope that our supporters understand that our mission is to create a media campaign and that time and resources can only be dedicated to this effort.

Can I obtain free materials from The Feel Your Boobies Foundation to support my event?
Because we are non-profit and grassroots, unfortunately we do not have the funds to provide free materials to satisfy all the requests we receive. Please see the Downloads and Bulk Pricing sections of our website to learn about how to download free materials or order materials.

If you are a college organization, we currently have funding for a College Outreach Program that provides free materials to approved organizations. Please see the Colleges section of our website to learn more.